Why Animas

The reason that I decided to go to animas instead of the other schools in this area is because I thought that it would set me up better for college, and because I thrive in project based school so I thought that it would help mo to succeed greater. I personally thought that Animals had more college prep that was more successful than DHS. The main reasons that I thought this was because of animates high rate of kids that after they graduate they go to college I thought that this would be the best fit for me because personally college is really important to me. I also thought that it would be easiest for me to thrive in their project based learning environment because I came from mountain middle school which was also project based so I thought that it would be easier for me to succeed at this school. Since I had previously thrived in a project based school I wanted to continue learning this way because I think that it really clicks with me personally as a learner. It was these two main benefits that I personally believe make animas stand apart that I decided to go to animals rather than the other schools.